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Window Problems: What you need to know

Despite having exotic wooden floors, new-age furniture, and nicely painted walls, your room will lose its show if has a broken window. This is one section of your home that not only speaks of style but majorly about your safety and security. Being the homeowner, it should, therefore, be your duty to fix up all broken windows as soon as possible. Moreover, broken windows can cause harm to you through the seals, panes, hardware or anything, and this goes especially for kids who might be playing around without taking it into notice. So, there might be several problems in regard to your windows at home, which you need to fix then and there by either taking help of a professional or yourself.

Now, let’s find out some of the problems, which you might often face for your home windows, and how they can be fixed up:

  • Keep a check on wooden windows – You must have heard about it quite often as it is a common problem with wooden windows. In such cases, get candle wax and try rubbing it along the edge of the window, that is, the sticky portion. As an alternative, you can always flatten the opening border of the casement and extract some good portion of additional wood so that it can be easily painted later.

  • Fix up broken insulated seal – If you find that the insulated seal has broken, the glass resting on your window frame will turn foggy. Thereafter, the insulated glass unit has to be replaced. In fact, the glass on the frame can also be replaced if it is broken. What you need to do is simply get your window sash removed so that you can get it repaired by an expert.

  • Get rid of a rotten sill – Sometimes a certain portion of a wooden still is found rotting, whereas the rest portion of the window remains unaffected. If such is the case, you do not have to replace the entire sill. You can get rid of the rotten portion by replacing it with a new one.

  • Lubricate hinges on vinyl windows – It’s true that you need to take good care of vinyl windows other than washing it on a regular basis to keep it clean. You might have to eliminate a broken catch by means of a screwdriver. You can also keep polish containing silicone for applying it in the case of stiff friction hinges. Besides, you might have to place a mortise-plate properly in case it is fitted incorrectly. In case you find that it is getting difficult to hold on to the window and it is not closing properly, you need to carefully take away the mortise-plate and refit in the right manner.

  • Check sash support systems for hung windows – Windows can create problems in opening or closing smoothly. Therefore, one instantly needs to check and replace the window hardware. Hung windows on failing to open up and down must be inspected as per its sash support system. You will find the sash support systems at the side of the windows that are often hidden by covers. If you can inspect it properly, there will be no chances for the windows to stick or fall.

  • Stop leaks in window frames – One of the reasons for leaks in window frames is seasonal changes. Window stripping can, therefore, be a great solution to getting these gaps sealed. As it is available in various shapes and forms, you must check prior to considering it for replacement.

  • Repair instead of replace – if your double-pane window is foggy, there are modern technologies for window defogging, and companies that can perform it for you. These can purportedly save you a bunch of money by drilling small holes, rinsing the inside of the window, and then putting seal-valves.

So, keeping a regular check on these home window problems is very important. You can always carry out DIY work if you wish, or otherwise, take professional assistance to give your broken windows a new life.

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